Rebecca Danos

In 2019 inpatient doctors diagnosed me with major depressive disorder, adding to my already lifelong severe anxiety. In 2020 a doctor diagnosed me with complex PTSD. I experienced cognitive deficits. Hopelessness. A conviction that I didn’t have a future. Days where I crawled from the bed to the couch.

I found salvation in music. Occasionally I experience joy while singing, playing piano, listening to music, or watching opera or piano recordings.

Music as my saving grace gave birth to a project idea: Healing Trauma Opera. I’ll compose and perform music with emotional magnitude and depth to touch other desolate souls to inspire joy, hopefully to add beauty to the world, and to help the process of healing traumas. I’m starting this project by studying with great teachers and taking RCM exams. Music is meaningful.

I’m just beginning this journey of being active in music. Music saves my life every day. If it’s that potent, what can it do for you?

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