Blog Entry 0: This is a test

What tested you today? Testing. This is a test of my blog. We are bombarded with tests through life; there are six definitions in my dictionary for the noun test and several more for the verb. The outer layer of a clam is apparently also called a test. Every day we test ourselves, our students, they test us, the world tests our patience. We take blood tests and eye tests and other medical tests. Growing up, I took my fair share of standardized tests. There are tests during public television announcements; we test each other. Many of us have test anxiety which makes it all much more interesting. Every day is a test as we test our limits.

This blog entry is a test of my blog, which will eventually be an exploration of preparing for Grade 8 piano and Grade 7 practical voice exams and the theory exams in Canada. Along the way I will explore physics, mathematics, and literary excursions.

So what tests have you taken today? Are you sure you weren’t being tested?


2 thoughts on “Blog Entry 0: This is a test

  1. One of my tests today was finding your blog since I did not remember all the letters in the link. I still live in the analog world where a plus or minus tolerance of 10% is usually sufficient. However, throwing things at a search engine will eventually lead to a sought after destination. Provided a tangent does not hurl you in some direction that results in an unintended adventure.. .


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