Solstice Song

This poem was written for AZ India Times in honour of my beloved cat, Anna, with whom I had lived longer than anyone else in my life…it’s about loss and renewal.

Solstice Song

we sang
poetry together

the sun’s fingers
lapped the air between us
branding us
with youth’s white kiss

memories of melodies
whispers of shared togetherness
through broken glass
you sleep in peace ahead
I, restless, behind.
before you slipped through

I felt you
heart against heart
pulse tapping
love’s rhythm
I sang to you
last lullabies
songs carried in my throat
of our love cradled in my breast
never to be rent

Time – a cruel doctor
turns songs to sobs
life to ash

I defy you, Time.
I’ll sing our songs
I’m a vault of love
you can’t rob.
As I venture forth
I’ll sing our lullabies
despite your command
for silence.”

I know
in a new year
after plunges toward darkness
the sun will laugh again in bubbly gaiety.
she’ll offer fountains
of light


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