Love’s Point

Love’s Point

In a house of love
in the morning
in the Mourning
for those who were loved
for those who still are loved
not gone
even after violence stole
the morning

Or so they conceived
these thieves who rob life –
they think it brittle and weak –
and strive to abscond
as they grasp at light
to smother breath

Love deceives in her game
because it is
one not over
as long as she can poke through
the ashes
and bloom
in strength and might
shining hope that eludes

Game not over
kindness reigns as mistress
with honour
with courage
Queen of Hearts
Queen of the night
love most mighty
not quenched
with her blessing
another morning dawns




Letter to Notre Dame

I was not born in your country
I was not raised speaking your tongue

I hardly remember my birthplace
decades ago I last stepped on the banks
of a city that beats a pulse
a rhythm, deep, deep inside my breast
I just forget.

I stumble and trip through sentences
written in your words that beat a pulse
a rhythm, deep, deep inside my breast
You have become a part of me
as I have of you

I was not born in your country
I was not raised speaking your tongue

Thank you for letting me in
to places now familiar
thank you for sharing the language of your kin
one I have always loved and dreamed of

You adopted me – a forlorn wanderer
and I you

as your spires spit fire
and cried tears of ash
I cried with you

We wanderers belong to many lands
We wanderers stumble and trip through sentences

foreign but not strange
the language becomes our own
and feels like home.

The Glass “I”

This poem, “The Glass ‘I’” is about life’s fragility and the multitude of possibilities that confront us when we are coping with a challenge.  It was written for and appeared in AZ India Times in February.

The Glass ‘I’

strong surface
reflective & refractive

in heat
liquid molten shapes
life – fluid

glass mirror

whirling hands
strike new days

EYES stare from shards


like fish
they dare

they dare

Solstice Song

This poem was written for AZ India Times in honour of my beloved cat, Anna, with whom I had lived longer than anyone else in my life…it’s about loss and renewal.

Solstice Song

we sang
poetry together

the sun’s fingers
lapped the air between us
branding us
with youth’s white kiss

memories of melodies
whispers of shared togetherness
through broken glass
you sleep in peace ahead
I, restless, behind.
before you slipped through

I felt you
heart against heart
pulse tapping
love’s rhythm
I sang to you
last lullabies
songs carried in my throat
of our love cradled in my breast
never to be rent

Time – a cruel doctor
turns songs to sobs
life to ash

I defy you, Time.
I’ll sing our songs
I’m a vault of love
you can’t rob.
As I venture forth
I’ll sing our lullabies
despite your command
for silence.”

I know
in a new year
after plunges toward darkness
the sun will laugh again in bubbly gaiety.
she’ll offer fountains
of light

Musings on Frost

I wrote this poem for AZ India Times inspired by Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” It can apply to displacement, ageing, or changes that result from choosing a new path.

Musings on Frost

A road to traverse
unknowing the path
displacement from the familiar

curves and circled loops
always on the move
across seas of spaces
& Chronos’s countries

colour changes
taste changes
climate changes
within, changes

and from roots
we grow
along the road
unknowing the path

Animals — Our Children

I wrote this poem for AZIndia Times, printed here.
In the poem I describe my inspiration for becoming a vegetarian as a child and now a vegan to protect animals and the environment.

Animals — Our Children

with eyes
that witnessed
the emptying of their kind
worlds – decimated
kin – murdered

with eyes
that search faces for love
slide toward terror
as screams of brethren
echo in open ears

they swim the seas we poison
they roam the land we poach
they console us when we slip through sadness
they befriend us when we’re shipwrecked

these friends of feather & fur & fin
these friends, their future we forge

we each choose
to direct our parts
as we glide across the global stage
actions and roles – ours alone

I know mine.
Do you know yours?